Living My Best Life in Wyoming Brand Ambassador Program

What is a Brand Ambassador?

An ambassador shares a brand’s message and content with others through many channels such as by word of mouth, social media, events, and more. They may do this by wearing a brand’s merchandise, talking about it to friends and family, passing out flyers at events, and posting on their social media channels.
Our ambassadors are also welcome to write blog posts, create social media posts, help with email campaigns, and share their ideas for the business if they want to. Like we have said, we want to include our ambassadors in as much as we can and we want to give them the recognition they deserve. After all, our ambassadors are our helping hand.

How it works:
The ambassador will either share the brand’s content or create original content to share on their (the ambassadors) social media accounts. When the brand has a new campaign, makes an announcement, has new arrivals, attends an event, etc. the ambassador will share the news on their social media accounts as well as share the news via other channels discussed earlier.

Ambassadors will share the brand with their friends, family, coworkers, etc. It should be noted that we will never ask you to shove every new announcement in your friends and family’s faces as we understand that this can be annoying for the other parties involved. We just like to include this if the scenario ever arises that would make it comfortable and appropriate to share the brand’s content in these instances.

Ambassadors will be given discount codes to share with others. This way we can give new customers a deal and we can keep track of who is influencing the most sales.

The ambassador may be asked to post content including the brand’s products. For instance, if a new product was just released, we may ask you to include the product in a picture and post it to social media with designated hashtags.

The ambassador will be encouraged to represent the brand’s merchandise or products by wearing the merchandise and/or hosting giveaways with the brand’s products.

Ambassadors may be asked to purchase the brand’s products occasionally for use in promotional photos and for representing the brand by wearing/using the products.

Does this interest you?

Email us at with "Brand Ambassador" in the subject line with a little bit about yourself and why you feel like you would be a good fit for Living My Best Life in Wyoming.